Best Security Policy

Our quality policy is to ensure the best Security

Security Squad takes quality as fundamental to its best security services in all its aspect. Our quality process enables us to provide VIP security services. Security Squad views quality as fundamental to its success in the industry. We have a commitment so on ASC till end approved contractor scheme.

Security Squad’s best security regularly benchmarks itself in relation to service provision, management, leadership, and personal development to ensure that the objective of constant improvement is prevalent amongst all staff.

As part of the Quality process, Security Squad values the feedback from its stakeholders to provide them VIP best security whether they are customers or staff members, and regularly reviews the perception that these stakeholders have of our overall service and performance levels.


  1. Security Guards for construction sites
  2. Security guards for commercial buildings: factories, warehouse
  3. Static security guards for shopping centers, retail outlets, Corporate offices
  4. Static security guards for medical facilities: hospitals, nursing homes, aged care centers
  5. Guarding and Protective Services
  6. Security services for educational institutes: schools, colleges, universities
  7. Infrastructure Projects Asset Protection
  8. After Hours patrols in Industrial Areas
  9. Security Services for Mining
  10. Govt Projects Asset Protection
  11. Security Guards for Loss Prevention Roles
  12. Security Guards for Gate House Security
  13. Mobile Patrols & Emergency Alarm Response